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An Italian Way of Life

Bella figura, literally “beautiful figure”, is an essential Italian philosophy that rules the lives of gli Italiani,

Bella figura can mean many things, but at its core is how one presents oneself. Although, presentation is important, it is the Love and Passion that is put into every aspect of daily life.

Although, Bella Figura can also represent the negative aspects of daily life, we have taken the positive attributes of the philosophy as we believe that you are able to experience the Love and Passion in each dish which we create.

It is not our intention to ‘show off’, but to rather invoke a special emotion or memory which makes your Soul smile.

The Simplicity of Life for us is Bella Figura!

Meet the team

Graham and Riaan bring very different influences to their kitchen.

Graham was influenced by the Mediterranean / Italian way of life from his early school days. An Italian family that he was very close to, opened his eyes and heart to the beauty of Italian food and the simplicity of ingredients.

Riaan brings his knowledge to the kitchen from his Afrikaans heritage as well as his Defence Force catering experience.

If asked what their most favourite piece of furniture is, they agree that it is the Kitchen table. Not only because it belonged to a maternal grandmother, but for what it represents … Family, Friends, Community …

It is always around a table, that the best emotional connections are made and remembered.

Graham and Riaan are passionate to invoke those emotional connections through their food …


Bella Figura

du Mont Estate


The estate is situated in the agricultural Glen Austin, Midrand, easily accessible from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kempton Park and Krugersdorp. We were Blessed to have come across ‘our Piece of Heaven’ in 2013.

The estate is home to 8 furkids, who will welcome you loudly on your arrival, and then ‘disappear’ into the surroundings for rest of your stay on the Estate.

The estate sports a beautiful Boma which can comfortably host 14 people around it’s Wooden table.

In the warmer months, meals are served under the trees alongside the swimming pool.

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